Animation shorts at The Picture House – programme

Phew! It has been a long haul, and we’ve had to make some tough decisions – but we have agreed the final selection of shorts for the Hebden Bridge Picture House screening on Tuesday 25th June. Doors open at 4pm, programme starts at 4.30pm.

Uncanny Valley Animation Festival, 2013

Special screening (not in competition)

publicityThe Bossy Books

by Working Class Films & Year 2, Central Street School, Hebden Bridge (6.20)

A mix of live action and animation created by local children working in association with Hafsah Naib of Working Class Films.

Films in competition

 Spin Spun SpanSpin, Span, Spun

by Emily & Anne (UK) (4.32)

An eccentric, animated journey through the history of Bolton’s cotton industry.

The fat cat Fat Cat

by Mole Hill (UK) (0.55)

Animated commentary on the desire to make excessive amounts of money.

Home Home

by Jessica Harris (Australia) (5.22)

A young boy is separated from his mother. he befriends a homeless man and together they wander the back alleys of a changing city.

Horse DrawingHorse Drawing

by Bill Hazzard (Ireland) (1.06)

Stop motion animation featuring a horse and his view on art.

old coal townOld Coal Town: Victorian Dad

by Genozo Graphic Films & Peter & The Wolf (UK) (4.26)

Animated music video. An old man, cobbled streets and some cracking steam train action.

out like a lightOut Like a Light

by Vincent James (UK) (2.03)

Looped animation – silent.


by Antje Gleissberg (Germany) (3.00)

A candy loving monster likes his sweet treats too much.

The Rose of TuraidaThe Rose of Turaida

by Ryan Grobins (Australia (6.15)

Narrated animation with stunning visuals. Based on a 17th century Latvian story.


by Alice Bradshaw (UK) (1.00)

The remains of a hole punched text ‘The Rocks Remain’ – in constant motion.

a film about poo A Film about Poo

by Emily & Anne (UK) (1.30)

A sing-a-long 90 second epic on the importance of washing your hands after the toilet.

Saoirse & Daralis Saoirse & Daralis

by Yifan Chiu (Taiwan) (2.04)

Saoirse is a home cat who lives a carefree life. In a cold winter night her owner brings home Daralis, a dirty cat from the streets.

Wolken Proeven Wolken Proeven

by Christophe Davids (Belgium) (5.31)

Hand drawn animated flights of fantasy.

first fish First Fish

by Veronika Gottichova (Czech Republic) (13.35)

Puppet animation about a young girls dreams and memories.

 Gumbley's NewsGumbley’s News 

by Louise Lockhart (UK) (4.38)

Stop motion take on the Frankenstein myth. A lonely newsagent finds a solution to his problem…


by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis (France) (3.57)

                                         Visually stunning and very stylish journey through the alphabet.

Point in Time Point in Time

by Shizuko Tabata (Japan) (5.47)

Beautifully crafted animation using photographs.

  TeaTea: Jim Noir

by Nye Best (UK) (2.57)

Puppets and beautiful sets in this music video for Jim Noir.

We only have a limited amount of time at The Picture House, and we aimed to provide a good mix of animation styles and a good geographical spread of the entries we received.

Uncanny Valley would like to thank all the filmmakers who submitted their work for consideration. We will be in contact with individual filmmakers as we hope to screen some of the entries as part of our ongoing programme of screenings at Magpie Cinema events throughout the year.

Thanks again for your submissions and your patience!

Uncanny Valley team. x


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2 responses to “Animation shorts at The Picture House – programme

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  2. paulscribbles

    Great selection and a really good watch…my vote went to “Wolken Proeven” by Christophe Davids…I thought it was a beautiful animation, subtle yet powerful and with a very interesting lyrical content…almost Zen like.

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