Judging panel coming together

Uncanny Valley 2013

We aim to provide expertise and experience aplenty in our judging panel.

Here’s a preview of some of the judges on board already.


Dave Cullinane       dave cullinane

Account Director for Video Games

Realtime UK

RealtimeUK produce Cinematics, Animation and Marketing Imagery for a roster of Global clients in the Video Games Industry.
We work with some of the world’s leading publishers and developers on a wide range of projects including CGI Marketing trailers, in-game animation and cut-scenes, benchmark development movies and Press & Marketing Imagery.





Kaye Elling

Kaye is the Lecturer in Computer Games at the University of Bradford and is the Course Leader for their BA and BSc games courses, where she teaches observational drawing among many other graphical subjects. Kaye’s background is in game development where she spent some 13 years working as a Character Artist and Art Manager for companies including Infogrames, Sony and Blitz Games Studios. She has created 3D graphics, and lead teams of artists and animators, on titles including the Premier Manager series, the Bratz series and most recently the Encleverment Experiment on XBLA among many more.  A proud Girl Geek, Kaye is passionately committed to raising awareness of game development as a viable, creative career for everyone.

Hafsah Naib                             me2

Independent artist/filmmaker, based in Manchester.

Hafsah’s first short, funded by Creative England, film was a sci-fi short shot entirely in the center of Manchester, based upon a future where ubiquitous computing is blurring the lines between realities. She is currently working on a scientific visual odyssey based upon cellular narratives.

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